Why Do Some Marriages Fail in the First Few Years?

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IL divorce lawyerWhen a couple gets married, they make what is supposed to be a lifelong commitment to each other. Unfortunately, things do not always turn out that way, and many marriages last for much shorter timespans. In fact, recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Survey of Family Growth show that more than 20 percent of first marriages result in divorce or separation before reaching the five-year mark. Marriages can fail in the early years for a number of reasons, and you could find yourself facing the prospect of divorce much sooner than expected.

Contributing Factors in Early Divorces

It may be hard to imagine how a marriage would fail so soon after it begins, but the truth is that there are many serious issues that can come to the surface in the early years of married life. Some examples include:

  • Financial conflicts - For many couples, marriage marks the beginning of sharing financial responsibilities and decision-making. If a couple has not discussed finances before getting married, they may find that they have incompatible priorities, or even that one spouse has been hiding financial troubles from the other.
  • Conflicts related to living together - Many couples also wait until after getting married to move in together, and this can be a difficult adjustment period. Spouses may feel that they have lost their personal time and space, or a spouse may become frustrated with their partner’s lack of contribution to household responsibilities.
  • Lack of communication - A marital relationship can soon fail if spouses do not commit to regular, open communication with each other. Problems may start to arise when one or both spouses hold back from expressing their needs for fear of starting conflict, or when a spouse fails to share important information with their partner.
  • Unmet expectations - Sometimes, a person will decide to get married thinking that it will help them solve existing problems in their relationship, or that their partner will “change their ways” after the marriage, which can result in disappointment when this does not turn out to be the case. Other times, a person may simply realize that their spouse is not who they thought they were before the marriage.
  • Infidelity - When a person cheats on their spouse in the early years of marriage, this can create an obstacle that may be impossible to overcome. Dishonesty about other things can also quickly destroy the trust necessary to sustain a marriage.

What to Expect from the Divorce Process

If your marriage does fail early on, your divorce may be less complicated than a divorce that occurs after many years of marriage. In Illinois, you may even be eligible for an option known as a joint simplified dissolution of marriage if you have few assets and you do not have any children. However, it is still a good idea to consult with an attorney who can help you protect your interests and resolve any difficult challenges you may face.

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