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After hashing out all of the details of a divorce down to the smallest detail, it is hard to imagine having to renegotiate or re-litigate a divorce matter. As family and financial circumstances change, however, that is often what must be done. Post-divorce modifications to child-related matters and spousal maintenance awards are quite common. At Shaw Sanders, P.C., our attorneys are experienced in handling all types of post-divorce modifications. We have 30 years of experience helping clients resolve these matters as amicably as possible.

Modifications to Spousal Support and Child Support in Illinois

In Illinois, both child support and spousal support amounts are determined using a statutory formula. These formulas are based on the incomes of both parties. If either party's income changes over time in a significant way, a modification to the support payment is warranted. For example, if the payor receives a significant raise, the court may determine that the payor's child support payment should be increased. Conversely, if the payor's income diminishes significantly, the court may rule that the payor's alimony/maintenance obligation should decrease. Modifications to support payments may also be justified if extraordinary circumstances arise. For example, if the health care or educational needs of a child increase, child support may be increased as well.

Changes to Child Living Arrangements and Parenting Time

There are a number of situations that can also prompt parents to seek changes to the living arrangements of their children. Some such situations include:

  • Relocation of Custodial Parent and Child – If the residential parent wishes to relocate to a home more than 25 miles from their previous home (50 miles for non-residents of Cook, Kane, DuPage, Will, Lake, and McHenry Counties).
  • Dangerous Living Conditions – If one spouse suspects their child is unsafe in their current living situation.
  • Parent Incarceration – If one parent goes to jail or prison.
  • Parent Military Service – If one parent is deployed or must relocate due to military service.
  • Illness of a Parent – If one parent is unable to care for a child or meet current parenting time expectations due to illness.

The best interests of the child are always the guiding principle when it comes to making changes to child-related matters after a divorce. In most cases, resolving these matters amicably outside of court is preferred as it helps to preserve a harmonious relationship between co-parents. When that is not possible, however, our attorneys have the skill to effectively advocate for our clients' interests and the interests of your children in court.

If something has changed in your life and you are looking for an experienced attorney to fight for your rights, contact Shaw Sanders, P.C. by calling 630-584-5550 to schedule a free consultation. We will discuss the specifics of your divorce decree, how relevant circumstances have changed, and what your legal options are to get the relief you seek. Our attorneys have served individuals and families in Northern Illinois for 30 years.

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