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Illinois marriage laws have evolved a lot in recent years. While same-sex marriage is now legal in Illinois, there are still many couples who are joined by civil unions. Civil unions in Illinois grant couples the same rights and obligations as marriage, and dissolving a civil union involves addressing the same issues as dissolving a marriage. At Shaw Sanders, P.C., our attorneys are experienced in handling civil union dissolutions. We work closely with our clients to understand your priorities and craft a strategy to achieve your objectives.

Legal Representation for Civil Union Dissolution

Ending a civil union is as emotionally and legally complicated as getting a divorce. Couples who are in a committed relationship and share a household are tied together in many ways. Separating and dividing shared property can be extremely challenging. The same laws that apply to marital property in a divorce also apply to property that is acquired during the term of a civil union. Likewise, one party may be entitled to spousal maintenance if the other party earns substantially higher income.

Determining child-related issues is often the most complicated and sometimes contentious part of dissolving a civil union. If both parties are legal parents to the child(ren), each will need to submit a parenting plan to the court detailing their proposal for allocating parental responsibilities (formerly known as child custody) and parenting time. If an agreement has been reached between parties, a joint parenting plan can be submitted to the court. When there is disagreement, the court will use its discretion to decide the matter with the best interests of the child as the guiding principle. Whoever is named the "residential parent," the one with the bulk of the parenting time, may also receive child support from the other parent.

If a child of the civil union is not the legal child of both parents, negotiating or litigating child-related issues can be very challenging. This is sometimes the case in civil unions in which one party came into the relationship with a biological child and the other party failed to adopt that child legally. Under these circumstances, it is important to choose an experienced attorney who can strongly advocate for your rights in and out of family court.

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