When Should I Consider Divorce Mediation?

 Posted on February 23, 2024 in Mediation

St. Charles, IL divorce mediation lawyerDuring a divorce, many couples find themselves with strong emotions and unable to reach agreements about important decisions. It can be difficult to navigate this process when one or both parties are constantly arguing and there does not seem to be a way to meet in the middle. This is where a divorce mediator comes in. A mediator is a neutral third party to help couples figure out important decisions. An Illinois divorce attorney who works as a mediator is just the person to help guide your divorce.

What Is a Divorce Mediator?

 A divorce mediator is someone who, under the guidelines of the Illinois Uniform Mediation Act, is able to act as a third neutral party and help couples resolve their issues or arguments as they navigate a divorce. A mediator is there to diffuse any extreme arguments and direct the couple toward resolving their disagreements with civility and fairness.

The goal of most mediators is to resolve disputes amicably without either party feeling like they have received an unfair deal in their divorce. It is important to note that you will meet in a neutral location with your mediator, they will not force you to agree on anything, and they do not make decisions for you.

How Can My Divorce Benefit From Mediation?

Many couples can benefit from the assistance of a mediator, especially in the first stages of their divorce where tensions and stress may be very high. The benefits that mediation can bring include:

  • Avoiding fights and lengthy arguments

  • Preserving civility or harmony in a relationship, which is especially important if the couple will be co-parenting after the divorce

  • Saving time and money, which can occur when both parties are not going back and forth in a long court battle

  • A happier outcome, as both parties are encouraged to find a middle ground and agree on solutions that are mutually pleasing

Additionally, working with an attorney who is also a mediator can help you make important decisions that align with Illinois divorce law.

Contact a Kane County, IL Mediation Attorney

Moving through the process of divorce is stressful, and emotions tend to be extremely high as couples start to figure out how to divide their property and assets. A divorce mediator can help couples come to these important decisions without huge arguments and ensure that both parties feel that their voices are being heard.

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