What Can I Do If My Ex Refuses to Pay College Expenses?

 Posted on November 16, 2023 in Child Support

IL family lawyerCollege expenses keep climbing in Illinois every year. If your ex is not exactly on board with chipping in for those hefty tuition bills, the court can step in and decide on payments. If you are a divorced parent or about to be one, it is crucial to know what Illinois law says about kicking in for your child’s college. You need help with child support. At Shaw Sanders, P.C., a St. Charles, Illinois family attorney can help you navigate this legal journey. 

How Can The Law Help Me and My Child? 

If your ex is giving you the runaround, it is time to take action. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act is your ally. Under Illinois law, unmarried or divorced parents are required to contribute to college tuition, housing, and other costs. You or your legal guardian can file a petition with the court and make your ex cough up their share of the college fund. The court has some serious tools in its arsenal. They can slap your ex with fines, hold them in contempt, or even order their wages to be garnished.

If your parents agreed in their divorce settlement to help with college costs, they are legally bound to do so. It is not just a suggestion; it is the law. If your parents did not specifically address college expenses in their divorce decree, you can still file a petition asking the court to decide if your parent should contribute.

What If Both Parents Cannot Agree on Who Pays What?

 If both parents cannot agree on who pays what, the court steps in and decides. It looks at how much each parent can pay, any cash you are getting from scholarships or other support, and your own money.

There is a limit to what the court can make your parents pay. They will not have to cover more than what it costs at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign for one year, which is a little over $20,000. So, an out-of-state private school may be out of the question. The law allows for up to five college applications, two college entrance exams, and one prep course. Contributions stop when you hit 23, tie the knot, join the military, or if your child’s grades slip below a "C."

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If your ex is trying to dodge the responsibility of paying for college, do not back down. At Shaw Sanders, P.C., we have vast experience handling child support and divorce cases. If your divorce involves decisions about how college expenses will be handled, you need a skilled St. Charles, IL child support attorney on your side. Your child’s college dreams are worth it. Call 630-584-5550 for a free consultation.

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