Three Sources of Marital Dissatisfaction that Can Lead to Divorce

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Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyerAlthough divorce is extremely common and many couples go through mutual, civil splits that result in healthier, happier lifestyles, the experience itself is never something we hope for as we begin the marriage journey. Sadly, many marriages fall apart due to a number of external and personal reasons, many of which are at times simply out of our control. According to the American Psychological Association, various psychological studies reveal that stress due to such factors can cause even the strongest relationships to unravel.

Factors that Contribute to Marital Dissatisfaction

Findings from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) report that women have a 52 percent chance of making it to their 20th wedding anniversary, while men have a 56 percent chance. With odds like these, how do we know which marriages will survive and which ones won’t make the cut? Studies show that the answer to this question is rooted deeply in our behavioral patterns. How we fight, communicate, and address conflict all contribute to the chances of our marriage working out.

Psychological studies show us that three particular sources of marital dissatisfaction commonly lead to divorce:

1. Financial Strain 

Undoubtedly, we probably hear divorcing couples cite this reason as the cause for their split more often than many other factors. When finances are tight, or even poorly managed, the financial strain endured by both parties has the power to crush even the most loving marriage. A report from the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project said that married couples who possess zero assets are 70 percent more likely to divorce within three years of marriage than couples who have $10,000 in assets. When money stress is continually high, so is the likelihood that a marriage will dissolve in the end.

2. Chronic Stress

While financial strain is a huge and very real part of ongoing, chronic stress for couples, other forms of consistent stress can slowly break down strong relationships over time, weakening its foundation. Everything from job dissatisfaction and long, tiring work commutes to minimal help with childcare or not enough personal time for basic rest and self-care can all perpetuate chronic stress cycles that cause significant marital dissatisfaction.

3. Poor Communication

Much like financial troubles, this one may seem obvious, but poor communication is a very layered issue, that when left unchecked, can cause serious, detrimental damage to a marriage. How we handle conflict and our fighting styles have the power to shape the final outcome of a relationship. For example, studies show that those who offer simple affirmations, talk in depth about things other than housework, or make their partner feel special in some way - despite any current or existing struggles - usually fare better in terms of preserving their marriage.

If these areas have taken a toll on your relationship and you find yourself in the midst of a divorce, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable Kane County divorce attorney  as soon as possible in order to gather the insight and professional guidance necessary to move forward with the process. Call Shaw Sanders, P.C., P.C today at 630-584-5550 for a personal consultation.



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