Getting Back to Normal After Your Illinois Divorce is Finalized

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st. charles divorce lawyerMany people get divorced after many years or even decades of being married. Even if a marriage is unhappy, for most people there is a certain level of predictability, stability, and companionship that comes with being married. An Illinois divorce upends all of those things, even as it can free a spouse from a stifling, distant, or abusive relationship. 

In addition to the significant changes of divorce, the fear of being alone is often as compelling as the fear of remaining in an unhappy marriage forever. If you are considering divorce and wondering whether you can adjust to the single life again, know that millions of people have done so happily - and when you are ready to finalize your divorce, here are four steps that could help you. 

Actively Socialize

One of the challenges of divorce is that it breaks up family and friend groups, leaving both spouses with fewer social connections than they had during the marriage. To make up for this, you may have to take a more active role in forming new social connections than you have in many years. Divorced singles often find meaningful friendships at church, support groups, and game nights. When someone asks you over for dinner, say yes - and invite people into your home as well. 

Pick Up a New Hobby

Learning something new is a rewarding experience at any stage of life - and especially when you have a lot on your mind, doing something with your hands can be a great way to stay busy and stop yourself from obsessing over the divorce or other parts of the past. If you already have skills or hobbies, spend more time getting better at them or find a way to turn them towards the service of others. 

Focus on Your Career 

Once your divorce is finalized, you may have more free time that you can spend on enhancing your career aspirations. While a career is not a replacement for meaningful relationships, a satisfying and engaging job can make a big difference in your overall life satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your job, perhaps now is the time to take classes so you can consider a career change. You can learn nearly anything for free now and building a great portfolio can often act as a replacement for a degree or certificate. 

Get Reacquainted With Yourself

As cliche as it may sound, people often lose their sense of individual identity within a relationship. This can sometimes be a good thing, but it can also be detrimental to your happiness, especially if your partner was domineering or abusive. Take good care of your mind and body and try to remember the things you enjoyed doing before your marriage. Dive back into those, try something new, and avoid turning to substances to manage your emotions. 

Meet with a St. Charles, IL Divorce Lawyer

Your St. Charles, IL divorce attorney may not be able to help you adjust to life after divorce, but he or she can help you pursue a divorce that protects your interests and optimizes your divorce agreement. To meet with an experienced St. Charles divorce lawyer who will fight for your rights, call Shaw Sanders, P.C. today at 630-584-5550



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