Five Tips for Couples Who Want an Amicable Illinois Divorce

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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_292069334.pngDivorce perhaps carries an unfair share of negative connotations; while many Illinois divorces are painful, hostile, and expensive, divorce also frees people to take a path that better suits their needs. Modern divorcing couples are encouraged to work things out together and avoid the harsher methods of the past, using mediation instead of litigation whenever possible. For couples who want to get divorced amicably, here are some tips to help. 

Try to Be Emotionally Objective 

Usually by the time a couple decides to get divorced, years of pent-up hurt and frustrations can make reasonable negotiation difficult. But if you can manage to take care of your emotional wounds outside of the divorce process, a commitment to objectivity can help you pursue a reasonable compromise that suits you both. This is especially important if you have children, because while it may feel good in the moment to get the better of your spouse, you will likely have to deal with them for many years to come. 

Set Your Priorities Early

The nature of a good compromise is that everybody walks away unhappy. If you try to get everything you want out of your divorce decree, you are likely to be frustrated from the very beginning. But if you can pick a few things that are important to you, and challenge yourself to articulate their importance calmly and fairly in the divorce negotiations, you raise your chances of getting what you need. 

Stay Away From Social Media

Whether you want to vent about your ex or post a picture with your new partner, most experts agree that social media is a potential landmine for people who are still involved in the divorce process. Although it may be difficult to break the habit of sharing regular details of your life, stay off social media as much as possible until your divorce is finalized. 

Encourage Your Children to Be Neutral

Children love their parents, but divorce can make children feel as though they need to take sides. Even without doing so intentionally, parents who talk negatively about each other may make their children feel pressured to do the same. Instead, actively encourage your children to have a great relationship with their other parent. 

Consider a Divorce Support Group or Therapist

When you really need to vent about your frustrations with your ex or the divorce process, there are appropriate avenues with like-minded people that can give you the support you need. Whether you seek a divorce therapist or a support group of other divorcees, you may find the entire experience is more tolerable when you can talk openly about it. 

Call a Skilled St. Charles Divorce Lawyer

Getting divorced is rarely easy, but it does not necessarily have to be hostile and bitter. If you are getting divorced and want an experienced Kane County divorce attorney who can support you in making the divorce as peaceful as possible, choose Shaw Sanders, P.C.. We will work closely with you to preserve your preferences and meet your needs as closely as we can. Call us today at 630-584-5550 to schedule a free consultation. 




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