Does your Job Increase your Risk of Divorce?

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Ililnios divorce lawyerCertain jobs and career paths are correlated with a higher rate of divorce than others. These are not necessarily the most physically stressful jobs like construction, nor are they jobs that tend to keep individuals away from home for prolonged periods of time, like the military. Many of the jobs cited as having a high divorce rate are jobs that are mentally exhausting and put employees into positions where they are in close physical contact with others, either clients or colleagues.

There are many factors that increase or decrease a couple’s likelihood of divorcing. Each partner’s career is only one of these factors. The couple’s education and income levels, whether they have children, how old they were when they married, and the income disparity between the partners are also indicators of whether a marriage will end in divorce.

Which Careers have the Highest Divorce Rates?

The following five careers are statistically the top five for divorces:

  • Dancers and choreographers;
  • Bartenders;
  • Massage therapists;
  • Gaming cage workers, the employees who handle financial transactions in casinos; and
  • Extruding machine operators, the workers who perform repetitive tasks on assembly lines.

Other careers linked to high divorce rates include professional athletes, switchboard operators, and individuals who work as nurses and home health aids.

Looking at the Reasons Behind these Divorce Rates

When you look at a list like the one above, it is important to think about the reasons behind the reported statistics. Your spouse working as a bartender or a massage therapist does not mean your marriage is doomed to end in divorce. With all of the careers listed above, factors about the workplaces make it easier for employees to lose intimacy with their spouses and seek a replacement for that intimacy elsewhere.

For example, nurses often work long hours in mentally and physically exhausting jobs. Years of working that type of position with the unpredictable, often irregular schedule many nurses work, it can be easy for the nurse and his or her spouse to become detached and stop feeling fulfilled in the marriage. For assembly line workers, the high divorce rate is attributed to the solitary, unstable work that causes employees to suffer mental stress from a psychological disconnect.

Certain careers are associated with a low divorce rate. These, too, have low divorce rates not necessarily because of the jobs themselves, but because of the work environments they provide and educational attainment they require. These jobs include:

  • Optometrists;
  • Nuclear engineers;
  • Agricultural engineers; and
  • Members of the clergy.

Work with an Experienced St. Charles Divorce Lawyer

No matter what you and your spouse do for a living, a divorce is never inevitable. If you have reached a point where you know your marriage is over, the next step is to discuss divorce with an experienced Kane County divorce lawyer. Contact Shaw Family Law, P.C. today to set up your initial consultation in our office to discuss your case further. Don’t hesitate to call us at 630-584-5550 for assistance.



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