Do I Need a Lawyer for an Illinois Adoption?

 Posted on May 21, 2024 in Family Law

St. Charles Family Law AttorneyAdoption is a rewarding process that helps to bring families together, though navigating the legal complexities and requirements of adoption in Illinois can be overwhelming. You will generally need a lawyer to help you with an Illinois adoption, especially in more complex cases where you are adopting a child and biological parent rights need to be terminated, or in the case of agency adoptions.

A skilled Illinois adoption attorney can help guide you through all of the steps necessary to complete your adoption and provide knowledgeable counsel during this process.

Types of Adoption in Illinois

There are a few different types of adoption in Illinois that you may be pursuing. It is important to be familiar with these types as you start the adoption process and seek out a lawyer to help you with finalizing your adoption.

Types of adoption in Illinois include:

  • Private adoptions – these adoptions are also called independent adoptions, and the biological parents of a child will choose the adoptive parents without the use of a licensed Illinois adoption agency.

  • Agency adoptions – these adoptions are arranged and overseen by the Illinois Department of Family Services or a private adoption agency licensed in the state.

  • Related adoptions – related adoptions occur when a family member, such as a stepparent, grandparent, sibling, or aunt adopts a child related to them.

  • Co-parent adoptions – these adoptions commonly occur between same-sex couples and it is when an unmarried couple adopts a child.

  • Foreign adoptions – foreign adoptions involve the family traveling to a foreign country to complete the adoption process for their child before returning to Illinois to finalize the adoption within the state.

What Does a Lawyer Do During an Illinois Adoption?

During an Illinois adoption, you may be faced with complex issues such as locating a birth mother or biological father, completing the process to terminate a biological parent’s rights, and advocating for a specific family member to adopt a child. It is extremely stressful to navigate this alone, and you will want to be sure that the adoption you are pursuing is completed according to all Illinois regulations and rules.

A lawyer will help you with this process, handling the complex legal side of your desired adoption and advocating for your right to adopt a child. This is especially helpful if a biological parent refuses to terminate his or her rights or contests the adoption.

Contact a St. Charles, IL Adoption Attorney

Working with an experienced Kane County, IL adoption lawyer is often essential, no matter the type of adoption you are pursuing in Illinois. With the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, the process of divorce can become less stressful and more secure.

At Shaw Sanders, P.C., our attorneys are both compassionate and dedicated, and we strive to provide our clients with smooth and efficient representation in every adoption case we handle. Call 630-584-5550 for a free consultation.

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