COVID-19 Update

During this period of quarantine, our staff will be working remotely and we will stay in communication with you about your case whether it be by telephone or email. While the Law offices may be open during the quarantine period there will not be any in-person meetings, unless it's a court emergency. We are exercising our best judgment and social responsibility to protect our clients, staff, attorneys and their families. We will still receive postal mail and I will be at the office throughout the week to handle this. We remain in touch with the courts as to procedures and the court’s availability.

Our Emails:

Our Phone Number:

630-584-5550 is being answered remotely and attorneys will be relayed messages and information. Please answer your phones, even if it comes up as unidentified, as it may be one of our paralegals or attorneys returning your call.

We are especially grateful that our firm has invested in the latest technology, including top-notch case management software, remote access, on-line legal research and other technologies. The investment was worth it as it helps us serve you. We have a video conferencing service available too, if needed.

Our attorneys have the resources to update and analyze finances, whether it is marital and non-marital property, income issues, calculate statutory maintenance and child support, resolve parenting disputes, and work to move cases forward. It is an essential time to update financial information.

Clients and Colleagues are asking about...

  • The Governor’s Executive Order (,
  • The Court’s schedule and procedures.
    • (Courts are generally closed for at least the next two weeks)
  • Federal directives

Here are some helpful points, though not inclusive of every point, that are addressed by one or more of the above, given there is a quarantine and social distancing requirements,stay 6 feet away, no crowds or large gatherings, etc.

  • Parenting times (including custody and visitation) in Illinois remain in effect, and are specifically exempted from the quarantine language of the Executive Order; we encourage everyone to comply with court orders.
  • Domestic violence/ emergency orders of protection: both the Executive Order and Court’s rules provide that these services are still available, despite the quarantine.
  • Outdoor activities, such as walking, biking, taking the dog out, and other activities (even in public parks and open areas) are allowed, so long as social distancing is observed. It’s a great time to walk.
  • Playgrounds, amusement parks, movie theatres, bowling alleys, concert venues and the like are closed.
  • Travel back to your home (from another jurisdiction), and travel with a dependent are allowed.
  • Taking care of (including shopping for and transporting) a family member, friend or pet is allowed.
  • Groceries, gas station, bank, bicycle shops, medication and health treatments are allowed to be open.
  • Restaurants can stay open for carry-out. We are really supporting our local restaurants and hope you can too!
  • Daycare centers is a gray area. There is an exemption for those granted emergency license (Title 89, Sec 407.400 of the Illinois Administrative Code), and a suspension of licensing requirements (Section 4 of the Child Care Act, 225 ILCS 10/4) for homes that receive up to 6 children. Owners of daycare facilities must see if they qualify and address tough decisions of safety too. Common sense says to quarantine and avoid groups of people.
  • 2019 Federal and Illinois personal income tax filing deadline for both filing taxes and making payments has been extended to July 15, 2020:, and

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